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Offering Real Estate Services throughout SW Florida

Offering Real Estate Services throughout SW Florida

Offering Real Estate Services throughout SW FloridaOffering Real Estate Services throughout SW Florida

Promising diligence and expertise - with personalized and dedicated customer service above all else. Rose Tree Realty is always here to help with any of your Real Estate needs! 

Who is "Rose Tree Realty". . .

- Welcome to Rose Tree Realty -

Whether you're looking to buy or sell, Rose Tree Realty is here to help! 

 A family business - we are proud to offer a blend of area expertise and aggressive marketing or negotiation skills for your property, utilizing all of the same powerful tools as the big name brands - but with the personal touch and dedicated customer service that could only come from a small, relationship driven brokerage like Rose Tree.

Explore our site, take advantage of our FREE home search tool, or reach out directly. Wherever your adventure begins, let Rose Tree Realty bring it Home. 

Exciting Times for Cape Coral - and Rose Tree Realty!

For the second year in a row, Rose Tree will be proudly taking part in Cape Coral's Pride Festival! 

   Here's your sneak peek at what's to come.

(Pssst - there are give-a-ways, y'all!) 

But . . .Who Pays?!

My oldest son is a senior in college ~ and he recently  informed me that people his age don't realize they are entitled to help from a realtor without having to pay out of their own pockets! Let me explain how we make that possible. . .

Is A Realtor Worth The Money? Here's 5 Things to Know. . .

These days, sellers have access to many of the same marketing tools we professionals use every day! So why is it worth it to hire a Realtor? Well. Here's five things to consider before making that decision.

5 Common Real Estate Myths

Test your buyer & seller skill set with these common Real Estate Myths vs. Truths reveal!